Three Reasons Why You Need an Oil Change

With summer just getting started, you’ve probably got some plans in store. No matter what, your vehicle might need to come in for maintenance so it’s ready to handle the hustle and bustle of the summer. Plus, if there is one thing that needs to be done, it’s an oil change. This is double important, especially in the summer.

We here at Thompson Automotive care about our customers in the Englewood area. There are three main reasons why an oil change in Englewood might do your vehicle some good. Let’s take a look at why sooner is the time for an oil change rather than later:

1. Oil keeps your engine cool.

In the hot summer heat, your vehicle can be susceptible to plenty of damage.

In order to help keep your engine from overheating, having a fresh change of oil will do the trick. It will keep it cool and help operate it at a manageable temperature. Plus, it will also prevent parts from sustaining damage due to the heat.

2. Oil keeps the engine clean.

Aside from keeping the engine cool, it can keep it clean as well. It will flow freely and make sure that no gunk, dust, dirt, or debris will stand in its path. A clogged engine is never a good thing.

And it can lead to…you’ve guessed it, overheating. The fresher the oil, the better the chance it will keep your engine clean for the entire summer.

3. Oil keeps inner components moving.

Without oil, you’ll be hearing all sorts of bumping and grinding under the hood. That alone can also lead to significant damage and a very expensive repair bill if you leave it unattended.

Oil will keep everything lubricated and running smoothly. All you need to do is find the right kind of motor oil and you’ll be in business. If you are not sure which motor oil works for you best, you might want to consult with your vehicle owner’s manual.

Why wait? Schedule an oil change with us now.

If you need an oil change, Thompson Automotive is your place for just that. Plus, we’ll make sure that the rest of your vehicle is still in good condition as you prepare for the summer.

We offer free pickup and delivery for our busy customers as well as pre-inspected loaner vehicles for the day while your vehicle is being serviced. If we need to replace something, we’ll grab a part right from our on-site warehouse and install it later that day after your approval. Our parts come with a 5 year/50,000-mile warranty that is the best in the business.

Financing options are available if money is an issue. Located here in Englewood, Thompson Automotive has provided mechanic services for many years, and we never stop caring for our customers.

To schedule an appointment, call today or stop by our location at 1855 W Union Ave Unit H. Englewood, CO 80110.