How Often Does Your Car Need Service?

We all know how important it is to keep our cars in good shape to prolong its life and keep things running smoothly, but how do you know how often you should have your vehicle serviced if there doesn’t appear to be anything glaringly wrong with it? There are a couple of key places to turn when looking to get your tune-ups on track.

The first (and best place) to start is by taking a look at your car’s maintenance schedule which should be listed in your owner’s manual. This should give you a good idea of what and when mechanic repairs need to be completed on your specific year, make, and model car. It’s a great way to stay on track and know that you are doing everything possible to take care of your vehicle.

The next best indication that it’s time for some maintenance is by paying attention to your car’s signals. Newer cars have in-vehicle maintenance reminder systems that will notify you of anything that needs attention. Most likely by displaying an illuminated icon on your dash. When this happens, it’s best not to ignore these alerts, and get your car scheduled for some routine maintenance. This can include anything from an oil change to fluid level checks.

Another good rule of thumb if you still aren’t sure, and have been lucky enough not to have any lights popping up on your dashboard, is to have your car taken in for routine maintenance every 3,000-5,000 miles.

If your car is on the older end, it may need to be checked out a bit more frequently. While it may not seem like you need to bring your car in until there is something wrong with it, it’s good to stay ahead of repairs and keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule to avoid any damage and keep things running in good condition. It will end up saving you more money than having to deal with costly repairs in the long run.

Even if you don’t drive your car that often, and it sits for long periods of time, it’s still important to take it in especially because the engine oil should not sit for too long. It will start to become thin and lose lubrication. Surprisingly, cars that sit for longer tend to need even more servicing than cars that are driven more frequently. So keep things on track and make sure to stay on top of those tune-ups!

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