Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you’re considering a purchase of a used vehicle, you want to do everything in your power to avoid buying a lemon. Without the evaluation of a qualified mechanic, it’s very hard to determine if a used vehicle is in fair, good, or great mechanical condition. What’s more, the car, truck, van, or SUV you are looking at may not even be roadworthy due to engine-related issues that you might not be able to detect on your own.

Buying a used vehicle is stressful enough. There’s no need to take unknown risks with a used vehicle when you can trust the professional mechanics at Thompson Automotive to provide a thorough inspection. Having an expert mechanical analysis of the vehicle you’re about to invest in will give you confidence and peace of mind during and after the buying process.

Get a Full Report of All Current Issues

Not all automotive service centers know what to look for when conducting a used vehicle inspection. At Thompson Automotive, our staff includes ASE-certified technicians who are specifically trained to identify potential mechanical issues that are common in vehicles of all makes, models, and mileages.

A complete used car/pre-purchase inspection includes a visual appraisal of the parts on the engine that are accessible without removal or adjustment of other components. This inspection will often reveal problems that are hidden from plain sight, including:

  • Oil leaks (due to faulty gaskets or premature breakdown of other equipment)
  • Coolant leaks
  • Fluid contamination
  • Brake system faults or leaks
  • Electrical problems
  • Power steering, suspension, and alignment issues
  • Fuel use deficiencies
  • Potential contributors to failed emissions testing
  • …much more!

If you have specific questions about a certain system within a vehicle you might be buying, be sure to ask us. When you trust the automotive experts at Thompson Automotive to inspect a vehicle, we go the extra mile to assess every potential mechanical problem, no matter how big or small. We’ll even tell you what to look out for even if things look acceptable at the time of inspection.

Schedule Your Inspection – Contact Us Today

To ensure that we can perform an expert evaluation for you, we’ll be setting aside time in our service schedule just for you. For everything to go smoothest for our customers, we find a time that works best for them. When you’re ready to find out how good (or bad) of a deal you might be getting with a vehicle, call us today for a list of available inspection openings.

Early Detection Means Lower Costs

Used Car/Pre-Purchase Inspections

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