Seven Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Taking care of your car is an important investment in an item that is probably one of the most expensive possessions you have. When things are running smoothly, it can be easy to take your car for granted. The moment you hear that weird thump, knock, or bang, however, you’ll wish you had paid more attention to your car’s needs. If you want to provide good maintenance for your car and just aren’t sure where to start, continue reading to learn seven mistakes to avoid.

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1. Not Checking Tire Pressure

It’s important to check the air pressure in your tires, not just to avoid getting flat tires, but also to give your car better fuel economy. Underinflated tires can actually cause your car to use more gas than it should, which is money out of your pocket. Check every couple of months with a pressure gauge to make sure your tires are at the air pressure recommended in the owner’s manual.

2. Neglecting Oil Changes

If you drive a newer car, you may not need to change your oil every 3,000 miles, but you’ll still want to make sure to get regular oil changes. In a newer car, if your oil light hasn’t come on yet, be sure to avoid going more than 8 to 10,000 miles before getting an oil change. Not only can bad oil damage your engine, but if your engine has used up all of the oil, it could seize up, which would result in either an intensive engine repair or complete replacement.

3. Fail to Get Your Brakes Inspected and Changed

Your brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car, which means it’s important to schedule brake inspections to determine how much wear and tear they’ve sustained. As the pads wear down, the remaining metal can begin to contact the rotors, which will likely be a very expensive repair. Spending money on new brake pads may not be what you had planned, but when you hear that tell-tale squeaking noise as you brake, make sure to take your car to Thompson Automotive in Englewood to get them checked out.

4. Not Knowing the Basics

If you’re not a mechanic, there are many things you won’t know about car maintenance and repair, but there are some basics you should be familiar with, including changing a flat tire and jumpstarting a dead battery. Even if you have roadside assistance through your auto insurance policy, you could save yourself time and money by learning how to take care of these items on your own.

5. Using Old Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are easy to forget about until you need them. If you find yourself caught in one of the sudden, heavy downpours that we experience in Denver, you’ll quickly realize just how much you need to get better wipers. You can check your wipers for any cracks in the blades, and also pay attention to any streaks they cause on the windshield. The best choice is to make sure to replace your wipers about every six months.

6. Not Replacing Old Air Filters

While many items in and on your car can be costly to repair or replace, the good news is that both air and fuel filters are relatively inexpensive. Not replacing old filters can cause big problems. While you can replace these on your own, you can also ask your mechanic to take care of it for you during other repair work.

7. Ignoring Fluid Checks

In addition to regularly changing your oil, there are some other fluids in your vehicle that should be regularly checked to help your engine run as smoothly as possible, including:

  • Coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Windshield wiper fluid

Be sure to talk with your mechanic during your next auto tuneup to see which fluids simply need to be topped off and which need to be changed.

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