Thompson Automotive Inc. (hereinafter “Thompson Automotive”) charges are not based on actual mechanics’ time, but rather on our retail labor rates multiplied by published industry time allowances, or based on our judgment of what the appropriate time to be charged will be. You will be charged no more than the estimated price approved by you. If we determine that different or additional repairs are necessary, you will be contacted in advance for your approval of the revised estimate. Thompson Automotive is permitted to operate the vehicle herein described on streets or elsewhere, at their discretion, for the purpose of testing, tuning and/or inspection.


We take great pride in our work and want you to be satisfied with the results. For that reason we offer the following Limited Warranty on all parts and labor we perform pursuant to this Work Order, unless otherwise stated on the reverse side.


  • Used parts carry a 90 day only parts warranty.
  • Customer supplied parts carry no warranty of any kind.
  • Batteries carry specific manufacturer warranty.

If the vehicle covered under this Limited Warranty malfunctions due to a defective part we installed, or labor we improperly performed, then we will, upon delivery of the vehicle to our facility, within the warranty period stated above, repair or replace the defective part and/or re-perform the labor at no additional charge to you.


This Limited Warranty applies only to you, the original purchaser, of the service and/or repair. It only applies to the actual work performed and parts installed pursuant to this Work Order. No other warranty is implied or expressed. This Limited Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to parts installed. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER TOWING, STORAGE, CAR RENTAL, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, DAMAGE TO ANY COMPONENTS DUE TO CONTAMINATED FUELS OR LUBRICANTS, LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF TIME, LOSS OF INCOME OR PROFIT, OR ANY OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES THAT MAY BE INCURRED AS A RESULT OF DEFECTIVE PARTS OR WORKMANSHIP. Thompson Automotive will not be liable for any costs or charges incurred at other repair facilities without our prior written consent. This Limited Warranty will be voided by overheating, lack of lubrication, off-road use, misuse, negligence, abuse of the vehicle and/or unauthorized modification of completed work. Further, regular scheduled maintenance/service of vehicle must be performed as per Thompson Automotive’s recommended maintenance intervals.

Due to harsh weather conditions rubber based components (i.e. windshield wipers) are only guaranteed for 6 months.

Wheel Alignment is guaranteed correct when vehicle is presented to you, our customer. This Limited Warranty does not cover wheel alignment after driver has left Thompson Automotive with vehicle due to circumstances which are out of our control (i.e. road imperfections and/or driver error).

While working on your vehicle, components can break or become damaged due to the fact that they are worn or aged. We take every precaution to prevent this from happening and we do our best to anticipate when and where it might happen. However, Thompson Automotive assumes no liability for any damages resulting from worn or aged components, including, but not limited to, broken or rusted bolts, broken vacuum lines or broken hoses. By signing this Work Order, you acknowledge this policy and take all responsibility for said components on your vehicle. If a worn or aged component is damaged you will be notified before repairs are performed.

Future service and/or repair costs are not included in this Work Order, unless so stated in writing. This Limited Warranty does not cover any repair or replacement that is covered by a manufacturer warranty or any other applicable warranty. Colorado law governs this Limited Warranty.


  1. Your vehicle is not insured or protected against loss or damage occasioned by theft, fire, vandalism or any other cause while your vehicle remains with Thompson Automotive.
  2. We are not responsible for any articles of personal property left in the vehicle.
  3. We are not responsible for the unavailability of parts or delays in parts shipments beyond our control.
  4. Depending on the type of service requested, some work may be subcontracted. When work is subcontracted it will be noted on your Work Order.
  5. All charges for services and/or repairs are due and payable upon the delivery of the vehicle or upon the expiration of three (3) days after notice that the service and/or repair have been completed. Notice shall be deemed given and received upon delivery of written notification addressed to you at the street address or email address given on the reverse side hereof. If your vehicle is not picked up within three (3) days after such notice is given, you will be charged $25.00 per day for storage. If any charges for service and/or repairs remain unpaid for thirty (30) days after request for payment, Thompson Automotive may refer such charges to a collection agency or attorney and you will be required to pay our reasonable attorney’s fees
  6. By signing this Work Order, you authorize Thompson Automotive to place a lien on your vehicle for all charges for repairs, including labor and parts, storage and/or towing and to enforce such lien pursuant to C.R.S. §38 (Articles 13, 20, 21 and/or 22), in addition to any other legal remedies. Thompson Automotive is hereby expressly authorized to sell your vehicle at public auction after giving twenty (20) days written notice to the legal owner that payment for services are outstanding. If, upon statutory notice, payment is not made, within ten (10) days, Thompson Automotive may sell the subject vehicle at public auction and apply the proceeds to payment of the delinquent charges, with the balance of the proceeds, if any, to be paid to the owner of the vehicle.
  7. Vehicles diagnosed by us and “fixed” elsewhere cannot be guaranteed as circumstances of repair are out of our control. Additional charges will apply to investigate immediate issues with vehicle as it presents today.
  8. Any controversy, claim, or threatened litigation arising out of, or relating to this agreement, or associated with the maintenance and/or repairs performed by Thompson Automotive, will be resolved in a court of competent jurisdiction in Arapahoe County, Colorado in accordance with Colorado law. In the event of litigation related to the subject matter of this agreement, the non-prevailing party shall reimburse the prevailing party for all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs resulting therefrom.

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