Automotive Electrical System Service and Repair

Every car, truck, van, and SUV on the road today has an electrical system that keeps it starting and running reliably. As automotive technology has progressed over the past 50 years, electrical systems have become more and more complicated, requiring more training for mechanics who maintain these systems. It’s not just about the battery and alternator anymore — today’s automotive electrical systems have a level of complexity that requires ongoing education for anyone who is going to work on them.

We Handle Everything Electrical

Without quality batteries, starters, alternators, wiring kits, motors, and fuses, you’re rolling the dice any time you drive your vehicle. Thompson Automotive in Littleton, CO employs ASE-certified master mechanics who are specifically trained in electrical system diagnostics and repair, so you know you are trusting your vehicle to qualified professionals regardless of what the issue is.

Often, it’s a check engine light that comes on indicating an electrical fault. Or, it could be a failure of a peripheral electrical motor, like the ones that power your sunroof, seats, or mirrors. Whatever the situation may be, Thompson Automotive can identify the fault, prescribe the necessary repairs, and have the work completed in the shortest amount of time.

We Are Experts In Servicing The Entire Electrical System, Including:

  • Alarm Systems: Whether your car alarm won’t turn off when it’s supposed to, your alarm won’t trigger when it should, or your alarm triggers when it shouldn’t, we can assess the issue at hand and ensure that all of the wiring, sensors, and the power source are working as they should. Other common alarm system issues include problems with the keyless entry system and faulty programming in the security system. Regardless of the issue at hand, we can take a look.
  • Alternator Installations & Repairs: Your alternator is responsible for transforming engine power into electrical power, which operates the various electrical systems throughout your vehicle while ensuring that your battery remains charged. If you have a faulty alternator, we can repair it or replace it, if necessary. Feel free to learn more about our alternator installation and repair services.
  • Battery, Starter, & Ignition Service & Repairs: If your battery doesn’t hold a charge, your starter won’t start, or your ignition has faulty wiring, then your engine won’t turn over. We can test your battery and replace it, if necessary. And we can locate any starter or ignition faults and provide the repairs. Feel free to learn more about our battery, starter, and ignition repair and installation services.
  • Blown Fuses: Your fuses are responsible for ensuring that your electrical components don’t receive too much current while power is moving through one of your vehicle’s systems. And, when too much power is forced through the system, your fuses are designed to break to ensure that your electrical systems aren’t damaged. We can replace any blown fuses that you may have, and we’ll assess why the fuse blew in the first place.
  • Check Engine Light: Whether your check engine light is on when it shouldn’t be, or it stays off when the light should be triggered (dash lights often light up when starting the vehicle), then we can ensure that your light is working properly. In addition, if a warning is triggered, we can perform a diagnostic to assess and repair the issue at hand.
  • Computer Diagnostics: We can run diagnostics on your vehicle’s onboard computer in order to assess any issues that have cropped up. A diagnostic is often the best way to locate the source of an issue in any number of components throughout your vehicle. We’ll check your onboard computer for trouble codes to pinpoint the problem at hand, and we can repair your vehicle while it’s in the shop.
  • Distributors: Your distributor is responsible for turning your engine over when you start it, as well as keeping your engine firing correctly. If you’re experiencing strange noises, your vehicle doesn’t turn over right away, shifting gears shakes the vehicle, you experience backfiring, or your car stalls, then your distributor may be to blame. We can replace your distributor so that your engine runs smoothly and you can head back out on the road.


  • Electrical Diagnostics: Your vehicle’s electrical components rely on the battery, alternator, fuses, and wiring to operate. If any one of these systems should fail, it may be difficult to pinpoint the source issue. We’ll run an electrical diagnostic on your car to determine the problem, so that we can get to work fixing it.
  • Fans: Your vehicles fans should cool the radiator and engine while providing climate-controlled air to the cab of your vehicle. Without working fans, your vehicle is liable to overheat, or your car ride may be uncomfortable. Count on us to ensure that the wiring, motor, and sensors for your fans are operating as they should.
  • Fuel Injections & Pumps: A bad fuel injector or pump will cause noticeable issues, and it can damage your vehicle over time. If your car isn’t idling properly, then it’s likely that you have a fuel injector or pump problem. Bring your vehicle into the shop if you experience shuttering and instability from the engine while the vehicle should be idling — you may have an electrical problem with your fuel supply system.
  • Terminals: Your vehicle’s terminals connect electrical systems to one another and their power sources, making it possible to install and replace various components with greater ease. However, these terminals are liable to fail, which can make any electrical system inoperable. We can run diagnostics to check for issues with your vehicle’s terminals and wiring.
  • Overdrives: If your vehicle isn’t switching into overdrive, you’ll lose some efficiency at higher speeds. If you have a failed overdrive solenoid or another problem requiring diagnosis, we’d be happy to take a look under the hood.
  • Power Accessories: From lights to outlets to displays, nowadays vehicles are packed with accessories. And these gadgets are liable to fail due to an electrical problem. If you have a power accessory that won’t turn on or stay on, we can locate the issue at hand.
  • Pumps: From the fuel pump to the water pump to the windshield washer pump, your vehicle is outfitted with a variety of pumps that are liable to fail. Keep an eye out for overheating (which may indicate that your water pump has failed), or poor engine performance (which may indicate that your fuel pump has failed). And of course, if your windshield fluid isn’t spraying onto your windshield, yet the reservoir is full, then it’s likely that the pump is to blame. We can fix whatever pump problem you have.
  • Regulators: Your vehicle’s regulator restricts the voltage output from the alternator, so that your battery and electrical components don’t endure damaging surges. However, a faulty regulator can further choke the voltage supply to the rest of your vehicle. If you experience dim gauges on your dash, meter malfunctions, and other electrical issues.
  • Rewiring: If you have wires that have failed, we can rewire your systems to ensure that they’re operable again.
  • Seats: These days, most modern vehicles have electrical seats which enable the driver (and often the passenger in the passenger seat) to move their seats without those cumbersome levers. In addition, you may have seats with heating or cooling to provide added comfort. And unfortunately, all of these extras can fail with faulty electronics.
  • Short Circuits: Short circuits can occur when wires get crossed. This creates a power surge which can damage an electrical component as well as the source of electricity (your battery and alternator). If a system has short circuited, your electrical components can overheat quickly, and may even catch on fire, before a total failure occurs. We can locate and repair any short circuit issues throughout the electrical components of your vehicle.
  • Stereos and Speakers: Driving just isn’t the same without music. When your stereo cuts out or your speakers fail (which may be an electrical problem or a blown speaker), we can repair the electrical components, or, if necessary, replace your stereo and/or speakers.
  • Sunroofs: It can be infuriating if your sunroof doesn’t work, especially if it’s stuck open (or halfway open)! We can fix or replace your sunroof motor or rewire the system, if necessary.

Because every vehicle make, model, and mileage varies, no two electrical issues are likely to be addressed in the same way. Thompson Automotive takes a holistic, “total car” approach to addressing the precise electrical problem, knowing exactly what to look for in vehicles that are at the 10,000-mile, 50,000-mile, or even 200,000-mile mark.

Some automotive service providers cannot work on newer-model vehicles due to the sophistication of the electrical system. At Thompson Automotive, this is never a concern. Just tell us the year, make and model of your vehicle and what appears to be wrong and we’ll do the rest.

Have a question about your vehicle’s electrical system? Want professional advice about how to solve an electrical problem that has just cropped up? Contact Thompson Automotive now and put our expertise to work for you.

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If you’re dealing with an electrical issue in your vehicle, we’d be happy to take a look. We can run a diagnostic, replace parts, and perform repairs. Our trained, knowledgeable technicians are standing by to give you an accurate diagnosis and repair recommendation for whatever electrical problem you might be experiencing. Contact us to schedule an appointment at our auto shop here in Denver — we specialize in working with Acura, Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota models!

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