Fuel System Service and Repair

Did you know that the 1990 Subaru Justy was the last vehicle with a carburetor to be sold in the US?

The latter part of the 20th century marked a significant change in the way automobile manufacturers built the fuel systems that powered the cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs they produced. The driving force of this change was a focus on reducing vehicle emissions, and carbureted engines were simply not as environmentally friendly as their fuel injected counterparts. Thus, the fuel injection revolution began, and today, most vehicles on the road take advantage of this cleaner, more efficient technology.

With new technology, however, comes new complexity. While fuel injection has done a lot to clean up the air around us, there has been an introduction of new challenges related to the maintenance and servicing of these new fuel systems.

Here at Thompson Automotive, we provide service and repair for fuel systems, from your fuel line to the injectors. We want to ensure that your auto is running as well as possible, by keeping fuel pumping to the engine properly, and by mixing the proper amounts of air and fuel to keep your pistons firing as they’re designed. We provide service for all makes and models in our award-winning repair shop. Please, feel free to give us a call to schedule service for your vehicle, or continue reading to learn more about your fuel system and our services.

More Than Just Gas Lines

You already know that modern motor vehicles need fuel to run. You may also know that the gasoline coursing through an engine needs to mix with just the right amount of air in order to be optimally ignited. After ignition, the emissions from combustion must be passed through a catalytic converter in order to be processed before being released into the environment. Throughout this process, errors can occur which will often prompt the “check engine” light to come on.

In addition to the sophisticated electronics needed to monitor and balance the fuel system, there are high-precision parts like injectors, intake ports, and valves which all must work in harmony to keep an engine running smoothly. Over time, these parts can become compromised with deposits of carbon and other fuel residues, resulting in lower engine performance and substandard vehicle emissions. In order to diagnose and correct these issues, specialized equipment is needed. At Thompson Automotive, we have the right tools and expert mechanics necessary to determine what fuel system issues may be affecting the performance or emissions of your vehicle.

As a precautionary measure to stop fuel system problems before they happen, we recommend using a high-quality fuel additive formulated to clean your fuel lines, combustion chambers, and other fuel-handling components. A single can of BG 44K added to your gas tank can go a long way in optimizing your fuel system and stopping the buildup of problematic fuel deposits as well as maintaining a healthy air-to-fuel ratio. Stop in to Thompson Automotive for a can of BG 44K to use as part of your routine engine maintenance.

Call Today for Better Fuel Efficiency, Emissions, and Performance

Is your check engine light on? Do you suspect an issue with your fuel system? Need an expert evaluation of your engine? Trust the experts at Thompson Automotive. Putting off needed fuel system service or repair can result in costly repairs down the road. Don’t risk the future health of your vehicle by postponing necessary fuel system service.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here at Thompson Automotive today and schedule an appointment with one of our ASE-certified technicians. We provide service for all vehicles on the road today including domestic, Asian, and European models. Please, feel free to give us a call to schedule service for your vehicle.

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