How to Find Reliable Car Mechanics and Repair Shops

Finding a reliable and honest mechanic might feel like you’re searching for the Holy Grail, but there are actually many good car mechanics that will help you keep your car operating at peak performance. Maintenance is part of your car’s service schedule. Repairs are for fixing problems. Scheduled maintenance can be performed at any dealership, even if you didn’t buy your car there. You can even service your vehicle at an independent auto-repair shop. Just make sure to keep up with maintenance so you don’t void your warranty.

Repairs are a little different. If a part on your car has been recalled or if the automaker wants to correct a defect, you’ll probably need to go to a dealership to get the work done. Also, if you have a problem that is covered by the original warranty, you’ll need to take your vehicle to the dealership. If the warranty is extended, you should check the terms and conditions to see who is required to perform the repairs.

However, if your car isn’t under warranty, you can take your car anywhere you feel comfortable and who has the knowledge to fix your car.

How to Identify a Mechanic You Can Trust

Independent car repair shops are often less expensive than dealerships and most people find satisfaction with them. Look for these things when choosing an Englewood mechanic to take care of your car:

  • Do they take your brand of car? Find a garage that specializes in the make of your vehicle, which means they’re more likely to have the equipment and training to fix problems.
  • Talk to your family and friends who have a vehicle similar to yours.
  • Do your due diligence. Read Google reviews. Check Angie’s List or
  • Check for certification from ASE, the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
  • Go to and look for reviews and information on local shops. It can certainly help you know which ones to avoid.
  • Try out the shop with an oil change or minor repair.
  • Ask about the warranty that the shop gives. If you’re just getting information, use a basic repair, such as brake work, to get information about the warranty the shop provides.
  • Is the shop convenient? Look at their hours. Consider how you will get to and from the shop to drop off and pick up your car.

Spend time finding a shop you can trust before your car needs maintenance and repairs. It will save you a lot of stress and headache. Looking for reliable car repair in the Englewood area? Contact Thompson Automotive online or call our office at 303-997-7965.