Not All Gasoline Is Created Equal

A vast majority of drivers pick a gasoline based on price. However, people really need to consider what type of gas is truly best for their vehicles. Using the wrong kind of gas can increase the frequency of how often you need auto repair. Not all gasoline is the same, so figure out which one is best for your vehicle.

Benefits of Using Higher Quality Gas

Using a top tier gas will provide you with better gas mileage because the fuel injection system does not collect as many deposits that block the system. This results in the engine running smoother. With better gas, the engine does not vibrate as much, which protects everything from the transmission to the hoses.

You should try to have gasoline that has extra additives included that clean the engine. Without this detergent, the gasoline will leave behind deposits in the engine. After only a few thousand miles, your engine could be hampered with deposits.

Additionally, many drivers discover their catalytic converters last longer when using better gasoline. Using cheap gas means the converter has to process the material more, leading it to break down completely, sooner. It can cost anywhere between $500 and $1,100 to replace the part, so spending a few extra cents on better types of gasoline can pay off in the long run.

Dangers of Using Poor-Quality Gas

Most gasoline will not actively damage your car, but it can hamper performance. However, there are ways you can end up with lousy gasoline. You should always purchase your gas from a reputable station. Any of the major brands will be fine, but when out on a road trip, you may find places you have never heard of off the freeway. Watch out for these places.

You also want to make sure you select the proper octane for your gasoline. Most unleaded gasoline will have options at the pump that are rated 87, 89 and 92. You can learn which one of these is best for your vehicle by reviewing the owner’s manual. Most drivers will find they require 87 octane, but in some cases, the higher levels will be necessary.

Has your vehicle begun to perform less than optimally? You need to take it into Thompson Automotive when its performance degrades in any way. We will be able to determine the root cause and recommend the most viable solution, such as switching over to a higher-quality gasoline. We are Englewood’s premier automotive shop, and you can contact us online to schedule an appointment, or stop by our shop in person.