Signs You Need New Brakes

The brakes on a car are of vital importance, especially when you drive down the freeway going over 60 miles per hour. That is the last place you want to encounter any brake issues. You may not think about them all the time, but it is critical to be aware of the signs your brakes are in need of servicing at a first-class brake shop.

Odd Sounds

You should be able to hear a loud squeal any time you need new brakes. This is a sign the brake pads are too worn out and require replacement. Some drivers even report hearing a harsh grinding noise. At this point, your brake pads have been completely worn out. The metal on the calipers have begun to grind directly against the rotor.

Worn Out Pads

Your brake pads are an essential component in creating the friction necessary to stop your vehicle. Over time, the pads begin to wear thin, and you can see just how well they are doing by looking through your wheel’s spokes. You should see a shiny metal rotor inside. This pad should ideally be one-quarter of an inch thick. If they are thinner than that, then you need to update your pads.


You should be able to press down on the brake pedal smoothly. If it begins to pulse when you brake, then you have a problem. This indicates the presence of a warped rotor. Extreme stress is a common way to deteriorate rotors prematurely. Another explanation could be misaligned wheels, which you will need a professional mechanic to fix.

Pulling to the Side

A stuck caliper can cause your vehicle to pull to the left or right when you try to brake. Your car may also pull off to one side due to a collapsed brake hose or uneven brake pads. Either way, different amounts of pressure end up being applied to different wheels, so your car moves in a way it should not.

Mushy Pedal

Leaking brake fluid can cause your brake pedal to feel mushy. It will feel as though it has hit the floor. You can see if this is the culprit by putting a piece of cardboard under your car over night to see if it catches any fluid. The culprit could also be an issue with the vacuum system or an obstruction in the brake line.

Do not delay essential brake repairs. Contact Thompson Automotive here in Englewood, so you can drive your car around town safely once again.

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