Starting and Charging Systems

To say that batteries, starters, and alternators are important engine components would be an understatement. In fact, without them, it would be impossible to maintain the electrical system in your vehicle, and it wouldn’t be able to turn over when you turn the key. Keeping your starting and charging system in top shape is critical to ensuring the reliability of the vehicle you drive every day, so you don’t find yourself stuck with a dead battery, a bad starter, or a faulty alternator.

What’s more, the starting and charging system of any vehicle is responsible for ensuring that secondary systems like air conditioning, the stereo, and fans all work as they should. It only takes one bad link in the electrical chain for all of the related components to cease operation. To avoid this, the professionals at Thompson Automotive can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your entire electrical system — including the starting and charging hardware — to make sure that you aren’t at risk of an untimely breakdown due to things like a bad battery, alternator, or wiring.

Common Battery Problems

When your battery is having problems, you’ll know it. You may notice that your battery is slowly losing its performance, which will make it more difficult for your car to turn over when you try to turn on the ignition. And eventually, if your battery can’t hold a charge, you’re car won’t turn over at all. You can have your battery tested to see if it is holding a charge, and a mechanic will be able to tell you if you have a failed alternator or a failed battery — since these two issues can cause the same problems. Your mechanic will check the voltage and amperage outputs of your system to assess the issue at hand.

Common Starter Problems

Your starter relies on power to start the engine, and it’s a crucial component to get your engine to turn over as you start the car. So obviously, if you have a bad starter, your car won’t start. You may also notice these signs that your starter is failing or on its last leg:

Listen for odd noises: If your car is making strange noises as you attempt to start it, then you may have a starter issue. Listen for a whirring sound, which is an indication that your starter solenoid is worn out. A worn out solenoid won’t be able to crank the engine, so it won’t turnover as you try to start the vehicle. You may also hear a buzzing noise, which may be an indication that your starter is receiving electricity, but not enough for the solenoid to work the pinion gear or flywheel, which means that your vehicle won’t turn over.

No noise when turning the key: Your starter may have failed entirely, which means that it won’t make a sound when you try to turn the key. Your starter may have corroded electrical components, or you may have a failed relay or safety switch. Your mechanic will have to assess the source of the issue.

Headlights work but vehicle won’t turn over: This is a great test to see if your starter is the reason why your vehicle won’t start. If your headlights come on and they are bright and unflickering, then your vehicle’s battery is holding a charge. If the lights don’t dim at all when you attempt to start the vehicle, then there is an electrical issue with the starter that is keeping it from activating. If the lights dim as the starter struggles to start your car, then you may not have sufficient charge in your battery, or your starter may have a bad solenoid or another issue.

Our Starter, Battery, and Alternator Services

For starting and charging systems, we provide a full range of service and repair solutions, including:

  • Battery testing and replacement (including cleaning terminals and replacing wiring harnesses, if needed)
  • Starter/alternator service and repair
  • Removal and replacement of shorted fuses
  • Error code diagnostics (check engine, etc.)
  • Bumper-to-bumper safety check of entire vehicle

Expert Mechanics, Advanced Equipment

For starter, battery, and alternator issues, you can count on Littleton’s trusted mechanics at Thompson Automotive. Here, every vehicle we care for gets the repairs or services that are perfectly suited to the make, model, and mileage. Because we specialize in imports like Subaru, Honda, Toyota and Mitsubishi, we can match your specific vehicle with the manufacturer-recommended services relevant to your battery, starter, alternator, and more. In this way, we distinguish ourselves from competitors who say they’re expert mechanics yet they lack the unique knowledge of select vehicle manufacturers.

Have a question about the starting or charging system in your car, truck, van, or SUV? Ask us! Our service technicians have received the training necessary to diagnose, service, and repair virtually any modern automotive electrical system. If you’re unsure about the health of the starting and charging system in your vehicle, bring it in to Thompson Automotive for a thorough evaluation.

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