Vehicle Diagnostics in Littleton

Electrical problems? Drivability issues? Do you have a dashboard warning, or error lights coming on? If you find that your vehicle isn’t working, or you’re seeing lights pop up on your light while you’re soaring over the pavement, then it’s time to get a diagnostic test to assess the issue at hand.

Here at Thompson Automotive of Littleton, we provide diagnostic testing services where we’ll run a test on the diagnostic system of your vehicle, revealing any problems that may be happening under the hood. Schedule an appointment to bring your car into the shop today. We’ll run a diagnostic, let you know what’s wrong, and perform repairs as necessary. We work with a variety of makes and models, and we provide service for Acura, Honda, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Toyota vehicles. You can also continue reading to learn more about various dashboard indicator meanings and the services we provide.

Vehicle Diagnostics

What’s going on?

When a warning or error is reported by the diagnostic system in your car, truck, van, or SUV, it can come at the worst time, creating frustration and making you wonder what might be wrong or if your vehicle is safe to drive. Ignoring errors and warnings can eventually result in serious performance issues, emissions problems, or even engine failure. Given enough time, neglected diagnostic warnings can become critical problems that can cost thousands to resolve. Don’t drive your vehicle unless you understand the warning lights on your dash and are certain you aren’t causing damage to your vehicle or driving a vehicle that is no longer safe. You can learn more about common dashboard warnings and indicators below.

Peace of Mind From the Pros

Most modern cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs have sophisticated computers that constantly monitor the operating status of the many systems within your vehicle. If one of those systems appears to be malfunctioning or operating outside of tolerances, the computer will simply notify the driver that maintenance or service is required, without giving much more information. For example, an oxygen sensor may have failed or an intake or exhaust leak could be present — no matter the cause, if the tolerances are not correct the computer can only illuminate the check engine light on your dashboard. Because so many things can go wrong in an engine, broad categories of diagnostic alarms are used by the computer to keep things simple. To get to the root cause of whatever might be causing a diagnostic alarm, the ASE-certified technicians at Thompson Automotive will run a host of physical inspections and diagnostics to arrive at an informed conclusion about the state of your vehicle and what is needed to correct any problems. Because some issues can come and go unpredictably, we may need to keep your vehicle overnight to monitor it and duplicate the problem. During this time, we’re happy to provide complimentary shuttle rides or a loaner vehicle for your convenience.

Specialized Tools, Reliable Technical Expertise

At Thompson Automotive, we have invested heavily in precision diagnostic tools needed to access the computer systems governing the operation of most vehicles. Because automotive technology is constantly changing, we have to stay current on the means and methods for modern vehicle diagnostics, including ongoing training and development for our auto mechanics. These investments provide returns for you, the customer, when you can quickly get in, get your vehicle diagnosed, learn about the issue, and schedule the service or repair.

Some automotive service centers may make you believe that vehicle diagnostics are as simple as reading a code from a computer terminal and replacing a part. Due to the complexity of most vehicles, expert knowledge is needed to know where to look for faults, even when an error code has been extracted from the vehicle. This expert knowledge is what sets Thompson Automotive apart from the rest. We make sure we know what, where, and why before we recommend replacing any part or performing any service.

Get the Root Cause – Call Us Today

Serving all of Littleton, Denver Metro, and the surrounding areas, Thompson Automotive is ready to work with you to diagnose and remedy whatever alarms, errors, or warnings may be present with your vehicle. Schedule an appointment for diagnostics on your vehicle today. We can assess your issue quickly, we’ll let you know about the problem at hand, and we’ll provide you with repairs right away!

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